As the 2nd level of higher education, the Master’s degree is a deeper study of any field of specialization intended for Scientific Research or Professional Purposes.

Master's training provides training pursuant to the "Classification of specialties (specialties) of higher education" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on June 14, No. 95.

The normative period of full-time education at the Master’s degree is 2 years.

National Aviation Academy to the Master’s degree for 2021/2022


Specialty code Name of specialization by specialty Total Projected number of places offered by the Academy Annual tuition fee for students on a paid basis (in manats) Curriculum Education program
Azerbaijani language department Russian language department English language department
full-time full-time full-time full-time
1 060212 Law 4 4 3000
Criminal Law, Criminal Proceedings, Criminalism and Judicial Expertise 2 2
2 060401 World Economy 2 2 2500
International Economic Relations 2 2
3 060402 Accounting and Auditing 2 2 2500
Accounting and Audit in the Service Sector 2 2
4 060407 Management 3 3 2500
Management (in Civil Aviation) 3 3
5 060507 Hydrometeorology 2 2 2000
Aeronautical Meteorology 2 2
6 060608 Electrical Engineering 3 3 2000
Power Supply (on Railways) 3 3
7 060614 Aviation Equipment Operation Engineering 9 4 5 2000
Aircraft and Power Plants 4 4
Electrical, Radio and Instrument Equipment of Aircraft 5 5
8 060615 Air Traffic Control Engineering 4 4 2000
Air Traffic Control 2 2
Aeronautical Support 2 2
9 060616 Flight Engineering 5 5 2000
Aircraft Flight Operation 5 5
10 060617 Engineering Safety of Technological Processes and Production in Air Transport 4 4 2000
Safety of Technological Processes and Production in Air Transport 4 4
11 060623 Transportation and Management Organization in Transport Engineering 4 2 2 2000
Transport Logistics 4 2 2
12 060624 Instrument Engineering 4 4 2000
Aviation Equipment 2 2
Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems 2 2
13 060627 Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering 6 3 3 2000
EW means 3 3
Technical Operation of Transport Radio Equipment 3 3
14 060628 Process Automation Engineering 2 2 2000
Automation, Telemechanics and Communication in Railway Transport 2 2
15 060631 Computer Engineering 5 3 2 2000
Computer Engineering 5 3 2
16 060632 Information Technology and Systems Engineering 5 5 2000
Aerospace Information Systems 2 2
Software 3 3
17 060649 Ecological Engineering 4 2 2 2000
Aerospace Monitoring 2 2
Environmental Protection and Efficient Use of Natural Resources 2 2
18 060652 Aerospace Engineering And Technology 3 3 2000
Spacecraft and Control Systems 3 3
Total 71 41 9 21


The Bachelor's logical thinking, foreign languages and computer science skills are tested in the Entrance Exam for the Master's degree, and those who meet the State Examination Centre-imposed conditions have the opportunity to participate in the selection of specialties.

Admission is regulated by the "Rules of Admission ” to Master's Programs of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences" No. 40 dated February 8, 2017 approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the Rules, Bachelors and other people with higher education are eligible for admission to the Master's degree.

In the Entrance Exam for the Master's degree, the Bachelors' logical thinking, computer science and foreign language skills are tested. The Bachelors are tasked to take 50 tests on logical thinking, 25 tests on foreign languages and 25 tests on computer science. The last 5 questions for each block consist of open-ended test tasks. You have 3 hours are allotted to answer the exam questions. Each correct answer of Bachelors is evaluated by one point.

Bachelors who meet the conditions set by the State Examination Centre for the points they have gained in the Entrance Examination are released.

The sequence of Selected Specialties shown in the application form is accepted as a legal basis during the competition and the Bachelor's ball is placed in the first of the specialties passed through the competition.

The sequence indicated in the application form of the Selected Specialties is accepted as a legal basis during the competition and placed in the first of the specialties where the Bachelor passes the competition IAW the score collected. One can get acquainted with the conditions of the competition here.

Acceptance of bachelor's applications for participation in the entrance exam is carried out via the Internet.

Those wishing to participate in the acceptance of documents (w/o a personal account) after creating a "Personal account" on his “Personal Account” page, he adds the amount necessary for submitting the application to the account in the "Personal Account". Payment methods for adding the amount to the account  can be found on the Internet page.

Using the login and password of the "Personal account", the bachelor enters the following link, fills out and approves the form "Electronic Application for the Bachelor". (

The following documents are required for registration of those admitted to the magistracy:

  1. Work Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for access to the personal cabinet.
  2. Diploma for graduates of previous years, a certificate of successful (honourable or ordinary) completion of a full course of specialization from the higher education institution - where they studied - for graduates of the current year.
  3. Receipt on payment of the tuition fee of the 1st year for those admitted on a paid basis.
  4. Military ID Copy.
  5. CV.
  6. Copy of ID card.
  7. Color photographs 3 x 4 (on a white background)


(+994 12) 525 98 08 (23-48; 23-21)