About the Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations was established in 2007. The Department carries out the integration of the National Aviation Academy into the international education system by expanding international relations and at the same time organizing the effective development of cooperation with prestigious educational institutions around the world.

The main tasks facing the Department:

  • Cooperation with the world's leading universities, science and education centres;
  • Mutual exchanges conducted between educational and methodological, scientific and research centers in the field of aviation;
  • Adaptation of educational programs to the requirements of international standards;
  • Professional development of Teaching Staff and Instructors in leading training centres;
  • Participation in international conferences, congresses, symposiums and seminars;
  • Publication of articles in foreign scientific journals;
  • Participation in international programs, and etc.
  • Resolving issues of regulation (registration, etc.) of documents in the educational process of foreign students;
  • Creating a database of foreign teachers, administrative staff and students coming to the NAA;

As part of the International Programs, NAA has participated in the following Grant Projects.

A new Master's program has been developed at the National Aviation Academy within the framework of the IEMAST project "Creation of a Modern Master's Education System in Industrial Ecology" (517346-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPCR). The Program has established close relations with the Royal Technical University (Stockholm) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona). Within the framework of the project, a laboratory "Industrial Ecology" in accordance with European standards was established, 3 handbooks were published.

In the Grant Project "Creation of a training network for the development of energy efficiency education" (530379 – TEMPUS – 1-2012-1-LV-TEMPUS-JPCR), the NAA departments of General and Applied Physics, Aircraft and Aircraft Engines, Aerospace Instruments participated in writing books and establishing a laboratory in accordance with new European standards. A monograph and a handbook were published within the project.

As part of the Tempus program, The Foreign Languages Education for Professional Purposes (FLEPP) Project has organized pilot-dispatcher radio exchange rooms, textbook writing, teacher internships, and distance learning courses with English aviation universities. During the project 2 handbooks were published.

A new Master's Program has been developed at the NAA for the SESREMO project (“Improving Aerospace-Based Remote Sensing Education for Ecosystem Monitoring”) gained under the Tempus Program. Within the framework of the £Program, close cooperation has been established with the University of Twente (Netherlands) and the Technical University of Berlin (Germany). Also, as a result of the Project, a new laboratory was established, 3 handbooks and 1 atlas were published.

Based on the DAAD "Study visit" Project, 10 students passing through training in Flight Engineering at the NAA got acquainted with the education system at 13 Technical Universities and Aviation Scientific and Technical Centres located in Germany and took practical classes.

Concurrently, within the framework of the DAAD program, the participation of the NAA faculty and doctoral students in individual projects was provided.

Foreign students from the Russian Federation, Belarus, Turkey and Georgia are also studying in the NAA.

Department of the International Relations staff

  • Huseynova Shabnam – specialist in international relations
  • Gövhər Mustafazadə – Xarici tələbələrlə iş üzrə mütəxəssis
  • Elmar Huseynov – translator


(+994 12) 525 98 08 (23-91) (Ramiz Sadigov) (Shabnam Huseynova) (Gövhər Mustafazadə) (Elmar Huseynov)