Department of Master's and Doctoral Studies

About the Department of Master's and Doctoral Studies

The Department of Master's and Doctoral Studies (hereinafter, the Department) is a structural unit of the National Aviation Academy; its main task is to organize training at the Master's degree, and at the Doctoral degree to organize training of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff on the Doctor of Philosophy and Doctoral of Sciences.

The main tasks facing the Department:

  • To participate in all issues related to Teaching, Scientific and Creative Activities, Training and Education;
  • To ensure the development and approval of educational programs, curricula of specialties;
  • To check the Teaching Load and give instructions to the departments;
  • To prepare draft plans intended for admission to Master's and Doctoral programs;
  • To prepare admission announcements and ensure their placement on the NAA website and Facebook page;
  • To prepare necessary documents and compile protocols in the competition for admission to Doctoral Studies;
  • To form commissions for admission to Doctoral Studies and Doctoral Examinations, to prepare orders and organize examinations, as well as to prepare certificates on passing Doctoral examinations;
  • To ensure the writing of academic transcripts, references of various forms, extracts from protocols, orders;
  • To prepare orders on admission, graduation, expulsion, reinstatement, change of form of education, academic leave, transfer from one academic year to another, Scholarship, approval of scientific supervisors for Master’s and Doctoral Students;
  • To control the attestation of Masters, Doctoral students and dissertators in connection with the departments and to prepare attestation orders;
  • To ensure the registration of all orders in the State Electronic Information System "Student-Graduate";
  • To prepare all Statistical Data related to the teaching of Master's and Doctoral students (dissertators) and submit them to the relevant institutions;
  • To prepare lesson schedules, examination schedules and control the schedule of classes (including online), attendance and quality of lessons, session exams, to organize the cancellation of academic debts;
  • To organize scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical internships of Masters;
  • To appoint the chairmen of the specialized councils for the defence of Master's dissertations and submit them to the Ministry of Education for approval, to form the composition of the specialized councils and to prepare the relevant order;
  • To control the design and quality of Master's Dissertations in accordance with the norms, to control the correct writing of defence protocols;
  • To prepare personal files of Master's and Doctoral students in written and electronic form, to note relevant changes in them, including awards and disciplinary sanctions, to give them characteristics;
  • To ensure the transfer of expired documents to the archive;
  • To closely participate in holding scientific-practical conferences and seminars;
  • To prepare and publish the necessary Educational and Methodical literature.

The Department staff:

  • Araz Qədiməliyev– şöbə rəisi, h.e.d., dosent
  • Natavan Gojayeva – Methodist
  • Amina Kazimova – Methodist


(+994 12) 525-98-08 (98-59, 23-48); (Araz Qədiməliyev) (Amina Kazimova) (Natavan Gojayeva)