Student Organizations and Clubs


Located on the 8-hectare site of the National Aviation Academy, the Campus is one of the most beautiful spaces located on the NAA student area. The campus, which’s construction began in 2014, has all the conditions necessary for students to live, as well as for their comfortable participation in training, preparation for classes, recreation, quality food, effective leisure activities, various sports and creative activities. At the same time, the campus is an invaluable place for students intended to spend own time on education, research, practice, various projects, practical skills, as well as sports, music, art reading.

Four 4-star hotel-type dormitory buildings were built on the campus and put into use by students. Two of these buildings (1st and 2nd buildings) have 2 rooms, each with 33 rooms and 66 persons to accommodate there; the other two (3rd and 4th buildings) are 3-storey modern buildings with 37 rooms, one for 105 people and the other for 98 people. The first dormitory building is for female students, and the other three buildings are for male ones. In general, comfortable and beautiful conditions meeting modern requirements have been created in the buildings designed for 335 students. Thus, in the lobby of each floor, TV, rest and reading rooms, kitchen, laundry are provided to students; the rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, appliances, heating system, high-speed Internet, and three-storey dormitory buildings are also provided with elevators. Fire-fighting equipment is installed on all floors as well as rooms of dormitory buildings equipped with central heating system.

The campus has a professional football field with an area of 7,920 m2, a capacity of 1,600 seats, and a 9-lane running track, a size of 105 m-68m, 2 mini stadiums, volleyball and basketball courts, a tennis court, plus the entire infrastructure and all conditions necessary for sports.

The campus-style Student Training Centre is one of the students' favorite places. This centre is an irreplaceable place in terms of organizing various events. There is a spacious, modern and beautiful assembly hall for 235 people intended to conduct conferences, symposiums, holidays, concerts and exhibitions, as well as an original seminar hall is located assigned to hold seminars, round tables, official meetings and events. In addition, the training centre has coffee-break rooms, wardrobes and the entire infrastructure necessary for students and guests.

In the spacious and comfortable Student Park with an area of 5,365m2 , greenery, trees, ornamental plants, covered gazebos and a fountain have been created for students to relax. SkyClub and “Gorush” ("Rendezvous") Tea House, which have their own style, were built for students to spend their free time pleasantly and effectively, as well as to organize small-sized language courses, debates, knowledge and intellectual competitions.

The entire territory of the National Aviation Academy, as well as the Campus, is equipped with a modern security system and is regularly monitored by cameras.

We would be pleased to see you on the campus of the National Aviation Academy!



Dormitory – (+994 12) 525 98 08 (32-51; 32-52; 37-68)

Sports Health Complex – (+994 12) 525 98 08 (21-67)