About the Student Creativity House

The Student Creativity House of the National Aviation Academy (NAA) was established to discover and develop the creative potential of young people, design, production, testing and operation technologies in engineering training, as well as to acquire practical skills, strengthen, test and validate theoretical knowledge in practice.

The Student Creativity House was designed and built in the 2018/2019 academic year and put into operation in 2020. There are modern equipment, machines, devices and tools required for practical work of students, as well as it has mechanics, avionics, electrical and electronics training workshops equipped with various element bases, hangar, plus conditions necessary for working on projects; also, experimental production area is located there. Starting from 2020, the NAA Student Creativity House together with Azercosmos OJSC, SilkWay Holding, Sinam and IntelPro companies are working on aerospace projects, including startup projects of students and young researchers.

These works include the design of aircraft, copters and satellite-type unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), jet engines, power plants, remote control, autopilot, stabilization, navigation, location, radio-impact, as well as object recognition, video monitoring and other systems, as well as production and testing technologies. At the same time, students have the opportunity to work on new projects offered by them.

The projects are implemented with a modern technological approach; students have access to advanced methods, materials and design methods, special software packages, 3D, CAD / CAE / CAM and a number of other modern technologies. The Student Creativity House cooperates with the Aviation Modeling Laboratory of the Academy of Sciences, the Scientific Research Institute of Transport and Aerospace Problems, the production area, and the specialty departments.

The Student Creativity House is a basic practical training base for both students and listeners of B1 (technician-mechanic) and B2 (technician on avionic) courses of the Maintenance School active pursuant to the requirements of the National Aviation Academy Azerbaijan Aviation Rules 147/66 (AAR 147/66). Work to expand the Student Creativity House of MAA, to ensure the participation of more students in new and promising projects is a priority and continues on a regular basis.


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