About the Educational-Methodical Department

The Educational-Methodical Department (EMD) is one of the main structural divisions of the National Aviation Academy. The main function of the Department is planning, organization, coordination and control of the Educational Process conducted at the National Aviation Academy.

The Head of the Educational-Methodical Department is Sima Bidzinova Mamed, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor.

The main tasks facing the Department:

  • Control over the Planning, Organization and Implementation of the Educational Process and Educational-Methodical Work carried out in the faculties, departments, institutes and centres of the Academy;
  • Ensuring the compliance of the National Aviation Academy specialties curricula with the State Standards of Higher Education, checking the specialties Curricula, preparation of educational documents;
  • Control over the Organization, Management and Implementation of the Educational Process pursuant to educational programs and regulatory documents;
  • Control over the Preparation and Implementation of teaching documents, methodical materials, lessons as well as (web)sites and textbooks by faculties and departments;
  • Control over the Organization and Implementation of electronic educational resources, teaching materials, virtual laboratories and classes, distance learning, online courses by faculties and departments;
  • Control over the Planning, Distribution and Implementation of the course load for the academic year;
  • Control over lesson schedules Preparation and Implementation, Record and Distribution of specialized auditoriums as well as of Teaching-Laboratory and Educational-Training Fund;
  • Organization and Implementation of activities related to the Educational Process with the National Aviation Academy (NAA) structural units;
  • Execution of works related to Preparation of the NAA for State Accreditation, Certification by the relevant Civil and Domestic Aviation organizations of the country, preparation of necessary materials and self-assessment indicators;
  • Preparation of orders of students enrolled in the 1st year, reception of personal files, inclusion of relevant documents in personal files;
  • Preparation of orders related to the Educational Process and student scholarships;
  • Preparation and Execution of documents related to expulsion, reinstatement, transfer, retraining, retention on a Repeat Course, granting academic leave and returning from vacation;
  • To organize educational, industrial, research and scientific-pedagogical internships, conclusion of contracts with enterprises for internships, preparation of orders for internships;
  • Military registration of students, sending relevant forms and information, extracts from orders to the Departments of the State Service on Mobilization and Conscription;
  • To arrange examination sessions and cancel failed tests examinations;
  • To conduct organizational work tasked to defend Bachelor's and Master's theses;
  • Preparation of a Graduate Report, Receipt, Procedure, Registration and Issuance of Diploma and Diploma Grants on Higher Education, Academic Transcripts;
  • To gather and process required documents for the issuance of duplicate diplomas;
  • To generate annual statistical reports;
  • To register documents received for Execution, to control over their execution and to place executed documents, orders;
  • To prepare answers to inquiries as well as various applications and letters from Establishments, Enterprises and Organizations.
  • To fill in electronic systems related to students and graduates, to place periodic documents in the systems and respond to incoming requests.

Educational-Methodical Department staff:

  • Ravil Mursalov – Deputy, Head of Department


Guidance Councilors

  • Azer Hasanov
  • Murad Gasimov
  • Aynur Safarova
  • Saida Rahimova
  • Arab Eyvazov
  • Jeyhun Dadashov



  • Azada Kasamanskaya


(+994 12) 525 98 08 (26-29, 26-75, 24-16, 24-20, 20-17) (Sima Bidzinova) (Ravil Mursalov) (Aynur Safarova) (Murad Gasimov)