To the attention of applicants admitted to the National Aviation Academy


We sincerely congratulate you on admission to the NAA and wish you success!

We are grateful that you have favoured the National Aviation Academy of “AZAL” CJSC as a study place!

Applicants admitted to the NAA should (starting from 12:00 September 2 to 23:59 September 12), register on and after entering the created office, select "Registration of students in higher and secondary educational institutions" among the services provided.


When performing "online" registration, it is necessary to download to a document of education (certificate, diploma, etc.), an electronic copy of the registration certificate or military ID of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription, as well as electronic copies of documents confirming the right to receive benefits for tuition fees and scholarships.


of documents for students to have in place upon arrival at the National Aviation Academy

  1. Document on education (certificate, diploma, etc.);
  2. A copy of the registration certificate or military ID of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription;
  3. Health certificate (medical form No. 86 from the clinic at the place of residence);
  4. A copy of an identity document (an identity card for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a temporary residence permit in Azerbaijan or a foreign passport for citizens of foreign states);
  5. 6 Photo 3x4;
  6. The entrant’s electronic application (available from the personal account of the applicant on the Ministry of Education and Science website: by clicking on the Job Number in the current year's applications).

Students must arrive at the National Aviation Academy on the dates indicated, taking into account the specialties listed below. 

Don't forget to bring your documents!!!

Flight Engineering12.09.2022; 0930
Hydrometeorology12.09.2022; 0930
Aerospace Engineering12.09.2022; 0930
Air Traffic Management

12.09.2022; 0930

Logistics and Transport Technology Engineering12.09.2022; 0930
Aviation Security Engineering12.09.2022; 0930
Economy13.09.2022; 0930
Management13.09.2022; 0930
Law13.09.2022; 0930
Ecological Engineering13.09.2022; 0930
Information Technologies13.09.2022; 0930
Computer Engineering13.09.2022; 0930
Engineering Physics14.09.2022; 0930
Instrument Engineering14.09.2022; 0930
Electrical and Electronics Engineering14.09.2022; 0930
Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering14.09.2022; 0930
Power Engineering14.09.2022; 0930
Process Automation Engineering14.09.2022; 0930
Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering14.09.2022; 0930

If you have any questions, please contact:


(+994 12) 525 98 08 (98-18)

Email: (Azar Hasanov)

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