National Aviation Academy (NAA) announces a vacancy for “Occupational Safety Specialist”.





Date of announcement:


Application Deadline:


Working conditions:

In-office and out-of-office work

Working hours::

08:30-17:00/ 5 day work week

Salary by position (in specialty):



According to the staffing table

Minimum education:



in the relevant field

( HSE-certificates availability is an advantage )

Field work experience:

Minimum 2 years in the relevant field (work experience in the production sector is an advantage)

Official duties:

• Ensuring control over the creation of healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace;

• Analysis of the causes of occupational accidents, workplace injuries and the development of measures to prevent and manage them;

• Developing integrated plans to improve working conditions;

• Control of signatures in instruction logs;

• Development of HSE instructions by profession;

• Preparation of reports on the use of medical devices;

• Holding introductory, repeat, unscheduled and ongoing briefings on occupational safety and technical safety of newly recruited workers, including those operating on a periodic basis;

• Control over the provision of personal protective equipment;

• Control over compliance by employees with occupational safety, safety and health standards and regulations;

• Control over the compliance of clothing, footwear, personal protective equipment and other means with the standards and standards of operation, as well as the use of these means;

• Verification of the condition of buildings, structures, machinery and mechanisms, structures, means of collective and individual protection of workers, sanitary facilities and their compliance with HSE legislation, as well as making proposals to eliminate inconsistencies.

It’s necessary to know:

• The principle of operation, technical and design features of the developed and applied technical means;

• Terms and conditions of work;

• Existing standards, specifications, regulations and instructions intended for the preparation and presentation of technical documentation;

• Safety, health and fire protection regulations and standards.

Individual qualities:

• Initiative and demanding;

• Attention;

• Discipline;

• Result focus and accuracy.

Computer skills:

Average skills in MS Office.

Dil bilikləri:

Fluency in Azerbaijani, average kills in Russian.


İş yeri:

Baku, Mardakan ave., 30

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