SOCAR's Scientific Progress Fund announces Competition for Research Projects for 2021


about the Competition for 2021 to finance Research Projects and other Scientific Events of the “Scientific Progress Fund” of the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR)

“Scientific Progress Fund” of the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - the Fund) to support fundamental and applied research projects in the field of actual natural and technical sciences related to the oil and gas, petrochemical industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan , ANNOUNCES a competition for 2021 to give an impetus to the scientific activity of Scientists and Temporary Creative Teams working at the National Aviation Academy (hereinafter - NAA) and / or Research and Educational Institutions cooperating with NAA as well as create Additional Creative Opportunities for them

E L A N  E D İ R

  1. The activity of the Foundation covers the following fields of science:
    • Earth Sciences;
    • Physical and Technical Sciences;
  2. Preference will be given to projects submitted in the following priority areas:
    • Mathematical Modeling, Diagnostics, Control and Management Systems in Oil and Gas Extraction;
    • Creation of Advanced Technologies to produce Motor Fuels and Oils meeting world standards, deepening of oil refining;
    • Forecast of Development of New Technologies of Prospecting, Exploration and Development of Traditional and Non-Traditional Hydrocarbon Fields and Reserve Base of the Oil and Gas Complex of Azerbaijan;
    • Protection of the Environment during Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Operations;
    • Application of Innovative Technologies to increase Oil Yield of Oil and Gas Fields;
    • Application of Nanotechnologies in solving problems in the Oil Industry;
    • Paraffin, Resin, Asphaltene and Sand settling problems in Oil Wells and Equipment;
    • Use of state-of-the-art Robotics and Drones in the monitoring of Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities;
    • Problems of Application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the Oil and Gas Complex.
  3. The Competition is held in the nomination of Fundamental and Applied Research Projects (Competition Type Code: ET).
  4. Only employees of the National Aviation Academy or employees of SOCAR working with them on the Project may participate in the Competition. Projects can be submitted to the Competition individually and collectively. The Project submitted to the Competition must be represented by the Project Manager.
  5. Applications for participation in the Competition, relevant Documents attached to the Application and other Supporting Materials are accepted by the Foundation's Competition Commission every day (except Saturdays and Sundays) every day from October 20 to November 20, 2021 from 10:00 to 17:00. Projects must be prepared pursuant to the established form and submitted to the Fund's Competition Commission (Address: AZ-1045, Baku, Mardakan Ave. 30, National Aviation Academy) together with other documents by the Project Manager with direct delivery and by registration. Additional information related to the competition can be obtained by contacting the Competition Commission (tel.: (012)4972632; e-mail:
  6. Special conditions for participation in the competition:
    • Members of the Board of the Fund and the Competition Commission may not participate in the competition;
    • that Project Manager or Executor may participate in the competition for only two projects at the same time: as a Project Manager for one project and as an Executor for another project;
    • the Project Manager and Executor must have an employment relationship with the NAA or SOCAR during the period of participation in the Competition and the Implementation of the Project;
    • the total number of participants (Project Manager and Executors) in one project should not exceed 10 persons. The number of Project participants can be increased only by the decision of the Board.
  7. Projects are not accepted by the Competition Commission in the cases stated below:
    • in case of violation of participation special conditions in the competition;
    • submission of a similar project financed (or received financial support) from other sources (state budget, external funds, etc. organizations or institutions);
    • provided that those projects are submitted after the deadline for submission of documents for participation in the competition;
    • when a project not related to the required science or field of research, is presented
  8. Violations of the special conditions of participation in the Competition or the Requirements assigned for the Project are grounds for suspension of project financing at any stage.
  9. The following documents are attached to the Application:
    • Content, Scientific Direction, Annotation, etc. General Information about the Project to be identified (Form 2);
    • Project Cost Estimate (Form 3);
    • Information covering the Project Manager, Executors and the Organization they work for (Form 4);
    • Copy of ID Card of each Project Manager and each Executor, TIN (if any), Reference from workplace. 

      Samples of Application and Information Forms can be found on the NAA websites .

  10. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the electronic version of the Application (Form 1), the documents attached to the Application (Forms 2-4) and other Supporting Materials are in full compliance with the Paper version.
  11. The total amount of the submitted Project should be determined by including all Taxes and other Mandatory Payments in the Cost Estimate.
  12. The Cost Estimates of the winning projects are submitted to the Board of the Fund for approval by the Competition Commission after financial and economic examination by the Public Union “Support to the Development of Partner Science”, the Executive Organization for project financing on a contractual basis.

Board of the Scientific Progress Fund of SOCAR

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4

Form 5

Form 6

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