IATA Institute at the National Aviation Academy (NAA), "Azerbaijan Airlines / AZAL" CJSC

A brief history of the IATA Institute Azerbaijan (International Association of Air Transport)

The IATA Institute of the National Aviation Academy was accredited on May 30, 2012 and October 7, 2013 with scope of activity below stated:

  1. Competence - Based Training and Assessment Center (CBTA)
  2. Authorized Training Centre (ATC)


Competence - Based Training and Assessment Center (CBTA) – is a world-wide association of schools/institutions that issue IATA certifications for the transport of dangerous goods. Accredited training institutions offer their clients qualified, coordinated and satisfactory training required to handle dangerous goods (hazardous materials) in areas of essential for the aviation industry.

Authorized Training Centre (ATC) – is an independent training institution authorized to conduct training courses and award diplomas on behalf of IATA. On completion of each of these Partner-taught / Classroom courses, students pass an exam to validate their learning.

     Pursuant to accreditation, it provides a basis to conduct courses in Azerbaijani, Russian and English at the IATA Institute of the National Aviation Academy. Taking into account results of the conducted courses, students who successfully pass the exams organized there are IATA Certificate. Courses are conducted by highly qualified and certified instructors authorized by the IATA HQ.

Rules for registration and IATA exam

To participate in the course and register as the IATA student, regardless of the form of study (group classes or individually), a contract should be made with the authorized IATA institute and the course fees should be made.

In Azerbaijan, IATA exams are held four times a year, and students registered in the prescribed manner are allowed to take the exam.

IATA Training program / Curriculum

Teaching materials are provided to students (trainees) in English; however, courses can be held in Azerbaijani, Russian or English, with allowance for the audience needs, in order to better assimilate the material learnt and pass the exam. However, the final exam is conducted only in English (!). Teaching materials are mastered either independently or under the teacher’s supervision. Courses are taught at the NAA according to pre-assigned schedule, and an exam is organized at the end. Students who successfully pass the exam receive an international IATA certificate.

      At the IATA, since its establishment, more than 2,300 specialists have been trained and received certificates.

     Specialists who take IATA courses receive the knowledge and skills required for qualified personnel in their future mission.

The infrastructure of the IATA Institute is well equipped, there are specialized classrooms, rooms available for briefings and seminars, as well as lounges and coffee breaks.

Tuition includes:

  • Training Course
  • IATA Official Registration Process
  • Providing students with English-done materials
  • Exams (two attempts)

Courses taught (offered) at the IATA Institute

  1. Competence - Based Training and Assessment Center (CBTA):
  • Cathegory 1. Shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers, including operator’s personnel acting as the airline shipper intended to prepare such dangerous goods, as Company Materials (COMAT);
  • Category 3. Freight forwarding company employees involved in the dangerous goods processing;
  • Category 6: Airline staff’s (operator’s) and ground handling agent’s personnel accepting dangerous goods;
  • Category 7. Operator's and ground handling agent's staff accepting cargo or mail (other than dangerous goods
  • Category 8. Airline and ground handling personnel responsible for handling, storing and loading cargo, mail and baggage;
  • Cathegory 9. Passenger Service Staff;
  • Cathegory 10. Flight Crew Members, Load Planners, Flight Operators and Flight Planners;
  • Cathegory 11. Aircraft Crew Members (except for Flight Crew Members);
  • Cathegory 12. Security Personnel (Security Screeners (Officers), Security Controllers, Supervisors) inspecting passengers, checking their baggage and cargo, mail, on-board resources.
  1. Authorized Training Centre (ATC):
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation by Air
  • Aviation Security Fundamentals
  • International Cargo Transportation
  • Transport Supply Chain and Types
  • Transport of Livestock
  • Air Cargo Marketing
  • Flight Attendant Training
  • Ground Handling of Passengers

Staff members, the IATA Institute, the National Aviation Academy:

  • Adil GASİMOV (Executive Director)
  • Durdana ISMAYILOVA (International Relations Specialist)
  • Nurad AGHAYEV (Certification Manager)

Permanent instructors, the IATA Institute:

  • Adil GASİMOV - Air Cargo Instructor
  • Durdana ISMAYILOVA - Dangerous Goods Transportation Instructor
  • Polad ISMAYLOV - Dangerous Goods Transportation Instructor
  • Fidel PASHAEV - Dangerous Goods Transportation Instructor
  • Mubariz ALIYEV - Aviation Security Instructor
  • Huseyn AHMADOV - Aviation Security Instructor
  • Shola NURIEVA - Aviation Security Instructor


Milli Aviasiya Akademiyası nəzdində IATA İnstitutunun beynəlxalq ekspertlər və IATA təlimatçıları ilə də müqavilələri vardır.



National Aviation Academy, "Azerbaijan Airlines / AZAL" CJSC

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E-mail: info@iata.naa.edu.az, adil.gasimov@iata.naa.edu.az