About the Maintenance Training Organization

The Maintenance Training Organization of the NAA is a specialized educational institution operating in accordance with the requirements of Azerbaijan Aviation Regulations-147 (AAR-147)in order to train Aircraft Maintenance Personnel. Aircraft maintenance is performed by persons holding an "Aircraft Maintenance Licence". According to the requirements of AAR-66, these technical personnel are divided into the following categories:

Category A – is an aviation service to provide aircraft maintenance services and permit performing a limited number of operations (mainly, simple defects and visual inspection);

Category B1 – the category of aviation-mechanic to provide maintenance / Technical Services of aircraft and aircraft engines (aircraft plane, chassis, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, functional and energy systems, systems and elements of power equipment, etc.) ;

Category B2 – avionics-an aviation service for the maintenance of Electrical, radio, instrumentation equipment and electronics installations of aircraf (power sources, power supply, navigation and communication equipment, automatic flight control systems, on-board computer devices, etc.);

Category C – is the technical service personnel to take decicision on the commissioning (flight) of the aircraft after its basic/Periodic Maintenance.

The NAA Maintenance Training Organization organizes training courses for aircraft technicians in categories B1/B2 and exams in modules corresponding to these categories. Persons who have successfully completed courses or received successful results of module exams are issued a special certificate in accordance with the AAR-147 requirements.

This certificate is one of the main conditions for obtaining an "Aircraft Maintenance Licence" issued by the State Civil Aviation Agency.

To the attention of those wishing to take part in the AAR 66 module exam!!!

To participate in the AAR-66 module exam to be held at the NAA MTO, the form posted at the link below should be download and filled out accordingly.

Examination application form for organizations (link download)

Individual exam application form(link download)

Please take into account the following when filling out the form. 

  • To participate in the exam for each Module, a separate form must be filled out; one form can be applied for the exam for only one Module; 
  • If the application is made by an organization, the names of several persons may be mentioned to take part in the examination; 
  • If the application is not the first attempt made at the said Module exam, the applicant or organization must indicate the date of the previous attempt;
  • The ID number or passport number of each participant must be indicated;

Completed forms should be sent by mail or e-mail to the addresses indicated on the form itself. 

Please be advised that the fee for participation in the exam per 1 (one) module / 1 (one) person is 120 AZN (VAT included). Once the form is completed and sent to us, payment methods, relevant invoices and other necessary information will be sent to the applicant.


(+994 12) 525 98 08 (98-56) (Fatima Ramazanova – Expert in Teaching) (Fərid Məmmədov – Təlimlər üzrə mütəxəssis)

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