Theoretical Training Department of the Pilot Training Centre (TTD PTC)

The Theoretical Training Department of the NAA Pilot Training Centre (TTD PTC) conducts the initial, retraining and qualification courses of specialists for all structural units of “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC, as well as aviation enterprises and companies operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan, aviation service structures of other ministries and government agencies. Relevant certificates are issued to specialists who successfully complete the courses.

The training process in the Theoretical Training Department of the Pilot Training Centre (TTD PTC) is conducted based on training plans and programs compiled in conformity with Azerbaijan Aviation Regulations (AAR), requirements and recommendations of international aviation organizations, approved by the State Civil Aviation Administration, agreed with the customers and approved by the NAA Rector. In the Theoretical Training Department of the Pilot Training Centre, the training process is provided by the members of the academic staff with the relevant certificates of the Departments of the National Aviation Academy, leading specialists of AZAL, Airlines and air carriers, as well as instructors invited from foreign countries.

The organization and implementation of the educational process is based on the modern TRAINER ICAO methodology, which provides a professional approach to the training system and the assessment of its results, including the development of complex methodological models intended for teaching training courses. The Theoretical Training Department of the Pilot Training Centre (TTD PTC) has specialized classrooms with Internet access, equipped with video and audio presentation equipment installed in accordance with the requirements of EASA-PART 147 and international state-of-the-art standards, an electronic library with a reading room, as well as classrooms equipped with computers to prepare for exams and knowledge test. The TTD PTC has all the material, technical and laboratory facilities necessary to conduct practical and laboratory classes, including computer modelling of Aeronautical facilities and Simulation of methodologically required conditions (as well as emergencies).

In the class intended for practical study of flight attendants professional knowledge on the types of photo-visual flight attendant's workplace (Embraer-170/190, А-319/320, А-340-500, B-757-200, B-767-300, B-787 Dreamliner) there are simulators for imitation (visual) mannequins to model the procedure, as well as construction sections of business and economy class passenger cabins of aircrafts with the necessary audio accompaniment, teaching the rules of first aid. There are types of mannequins stated below:

  • Phantom-system of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Ambu Man C);

  • Full-body mannequin with a variety of injuries (Full Body CPR / Trauma);

  • Controlled children's Mannequin-Simulator;

  • Choking manikin in case of foreign objects to fall into the respiratory tract.

Practical lessons on the preparation of the aircraft for Crash-Rescue are carried out in the Door Trainer Simulator (А-319/320, В-757-200; ATR-42/72), which includes the main and spare doors of the aircraft, access to aircraft accidents, imitation of smoke and combustion of the cabin and passenger hall, signals and communication in the cabin, operation of the accident stationary oxygen system for passengers and flight attendants. The training process uses a remote-controlled, multi-purpose smoke and fire simulator equipped with sensitive transmitters and multi-purpose fire extinguishers. Preparations for Water Rescue Operations are carried out in a 25-meter winter pool using a system of lifeboats and other necessary equipment.

Employees of the aviation security system of airports conduct practical classes in special auditoriums equipped with a real monitoring complex for the inspection of aircraft passengers and luggage.

The TTD PTC has everything required for the process of modelling the situation during the experimental part of CRM (Crew Resource Management) classes: demonstration simulators for aircraft types(İL-76TD; ATR-42/72; A-319/320, B-757-200; Mi-8MTV1, Mi-171 and etc.), audio and video recording systems, appropriate classrooms for viewing and analyzing training materials, allowing effective use of target and error factors management models in the process of studying according to the ICAO guidance document(Doc.9683) on human factor training.

With the help of modular CBT training programs, the TTD PTC implements the training system of the IATA aviation Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the course “Dangerous Goods Transportation by Air Transport”. In pursuant of the ICAO requirements on technical and sound insulation provision in the TTD PTC, the English skills of Aircraft Flight Personnel and Air Traffic Control Service dispatchers are tested IAW the price scale of ICAO. In the TTD PTC, a wide range of aviation training courses are carried out, including the flight crew of aircraft, the engineering and technical staff of the Ground Maintenance Service of Aircraft, Aviation Security, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Transportation Service specialists. Each course curriculum includes appropriate theoretical and practical training provided for in the training methodology of TRAINER ICAO, checking the results of the training courses, including the test method.

Initial training at the Theoretical Training Department of the Pilot Training Centre (TTD PTC) covers directions stated below:

  • Pilots Initial Theoretical Training on CPL (A) + MPL (A) ATPL (A) (FROZEN) program (aircraft);
  • Female Pilots Initial Theoretical Training on CPL (A) + MPL (A) ATPL (A) (FROZEN) program (aircraft);
  • Pilots Initial Theoretical Training on CPL (H) + MPL (A) ATPL (A) (FROZEN) program (helicopter);
  • Aircraft Flight Attendants Initial Training (Embraer-170/190, A-319/320, A-340-500, B-757-200, B-767-300, B-787 Dreamliner, Gulfstream-200/500 Aircraft types);
  • Aircraft Operators Initial Training (on types of IL-76TD, AN-12);
  • Aviation Security Personnel Initial Training (by categories);
  • Aviation Personnel Initial Training (IATA categories 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) for the transportation of dangerous goods by air;
  • Aviation Personnel Initial Training (by category) in the human factor;
  • Aviation Personnel Initial Training (by category) in the CRM;
  • Aircraft Rescue Equipment and Aviation Personnel Initial Training intended for emergency operations (by type of aircraft);
  • Aircraft Flight Crew Preliminary Training on TCAS and EGPWS systems;
  • Aircrew Flight Crew Preliminary Training for surface frost protection;
  • Aircraft Ground Service Technical Personnel Initial Training for categories A, B1 and B2;
  • Air Traffic Controllers Initial Training;
  • DISPATCH Flight Planning Service specialists Initial Training;
  • Aircraft Maintenance Agents Initial Training on the airport platform;
  • Aviation Personnel (by category) Initial Training in the First Aid.

Retraining of aviation personnel in the TTD PTC is conducted in the following areas:

  • Flight Crews Retraining for new types of aircraft (ATR-42/72, A-319/320, A-340-500, B-757-200, B-767-300, B-787 Dreamliner; IL-76TD; -8МТV1; Мi-171);
  • Technicians-and-Engineers (B1) Retraining for new types of aircraft (Embraer-170/190, A-319/320, A-340-500, B-757-200, B-767-300, B- B-787 Dreamliner; İL-76ТD; B-747; Мi-8МТV1; Мi-171)maintenance;
  • Aircraft Flight Attendants (by aircraft types) Retraining;
  • Technicians-and-Engineers (B2) for new types of aircraft (Embraer-170/190, A-319/320, A-340-500, B-757-200, B-767-300, B- 787 Dreamliner; İL-76ТD; B-747; Мi-8МТV1; Мi-1710) maintenance;
  • Technicians-and-Engineers (B1 – B2) Retraining for aircraft maintenance
  • Technicians-and-Engineers (B2 – B1) Retraining staff for aircraft maintenance.

The process of the Aviation Personnel Professional Development in the TTD PTC is conducted in areas stated below:

  • Flight Crews Professional Development by types of aircraft (Embraer-170/190, A-319/320, A-340-500, B-757-200, B-767-300, B-787 Dreamliner; IL-76TD; B-747; Mi-8MTV1; Mi-171);
  • Mi-8MTV1; Mi-171; AN-12; ES-155B1; AS-332ILI);
  • Professional Development of Technicians-and-Engineers providing ground maintenance on aircraft types (ATR 42/72; A-319/320; B-757-200; B-767; IL-76TD; Mi-8MTV1; Mi-171; AN-12 ; ES-155B1; AS-332ILI);
  • Aircraft Flight Attendants Professional Development;
  • Air Traffic Control dispatchers Professional Development;
  • Aviation Personnel (by categories) Advanced Training in the Aviation Security;
  • Aviation Personnel (IATA categories 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) Advanced Training for the Dangerous Goods Air Transportation;
  • Aviation Personnel (by category) Advanced Training in the CRM;
  • Aircraft Rescue Equipment and Emergency Aviation Personnel (by type of aircraft) Advanced Training;
  • Emergency Services and Airport Fire Protection Services Professional Development.

“AZAL” participates in the process of international cooperation with civil aviation educational institutions of different countries as the structural unit of the National Aviation Academy, and is also a full-fledged member of the Association of Civil Aviation educational institutions of CIS, Latvia and Lithuania.

The most experienced, qualified instructors of the teaching staff of specialized departments of the NAA, as well as leading specialists of the AZAL CJSC relevant structural divisions, who have received legal permission from the State Agency of Civil Aviation under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and also have passed the necessary instructor training, including the “Train the Trainer” course, are involved in conducting classes in the TTD PTC.


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