Aviation Security Engineering

The specialty of Aviation Security Engineering – 050603 provides for the training of specialists in the organization and management of aviation security systems at international and domestic airports, airlines, airfields, heliports of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The Bachelor degree in this specialty is carried out in three areas - aviation security, profiling, and rescue operations.

The Aviation Security Engineering – 050603 curriculum was developed, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic in aviation security, international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and recommended practices.

As a result of the knowledge and practical skills received, students specializing in security engineering are formed as highly qualified specialists in risk management, development, organization and application of preventive measures on aviation security, unlawful interference and other emergency situations.

050603 - Students specializing in Flight Safety are provided the knowledge stated below

In the field of Aviation Security
  • fundamental knowledge in advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • mathematical modeling of processes in aviation security
  • risk management
  • organization of aviation security systems in airports and airlines
  • aircraft design
  • technology for checking aviation security for individuals, their carry-on luggage and baggage, air transport, air mail, in-flight catering and foodstuffs, aircraft, vehicles entering the airport area
  • modern knowledge and practical skills in crisis management and other disciplines related to illegal acts of interference
In the field of Profiling
  • fundamental knowledge in advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • mathematical modeling of processes
  • the basics of aviation security, the basics of search and rescue operations
  • risk management
  • fire safety
  • aircraft design, etc., will receive modern knowledge and practical skills in civil aviation human factor
  • general psychology, psychodiagnostics, physiognomy, behavioral and communication psychology, criminal psychology
  • detection of potentially dangerous people using visual and special technical means
  • negotiating with hostages during acts of unlawful interference
In the field of the Organization of Emergency, Search and Rescue Operations
  • fundamental knowledge in advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • mathematical modeling of processes
  • aircraft design
  • risk management
  • rescue and fire-fighting operations at airports (heliports) and in their immediate vicinity
  • crisis management for acts of unlawful interference with aircraft and airport facilities
  • planning, organizing and managing search and rescue operations in case of aircraft accidents in water, mountains and other difficult areas, and other subjects

Thanks to their professional competencies, graduates who have successfully completed the curriculum in the specialty of Aviation Security Engineering – 050603 can be engaged in relevant professions at domestic and international airports, civil airports (heliports), manage the aviation security system in airlines, as well as develop preventive engineering tasks and measures to manage crisis situations for unlawful acts of intervention, emergency situations for aviation accidents.

During their studies, students of the specialty of Aviation Security Engineering – 050603 will have an opportunity to get experience at the National Aviation Academy, structural divisions of "AZAL" CJSC and Silk Way Holding, airlines, airports, a number of ministries, departments, enterprises and organizations.

Students with high academic performance will have the opportunity during their studies to obtain IATA certificates by taking courses in international aviation security at the IATA Institute at the National Aviation Academy.

Graduates of this modern engineering specialty will have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions in civil aviation, as well as in other governmental agencies, enterprises, organizations and private companies dealing with safety and emergency management.

*The rules of admission to the Bachelor's level can be found here.