The Law is a set of generally binding rules of conduct governing public relations, designated and sanctioned by the Government, protected by the Government, and, according to the liberal law theory, a set of norms and rules that provide equal freedom and justice for everyone.

The specialty Law – 050206 provides for the training of highly qualified specialists for law enforcement agencies, state and government structures, the judiciary, advocacy, and transport.

The bachelor's degree in this specialty covers existing and new areas of law - the Constitution, state and legal theory, civil, criminal, administrative procedural, commercial, labor, medical, artificial intelligence, aerospace, marine and water, transport, international, judicial, defense, and other areas.

As a result of the knowledge, skills and experience received, students of the specialty of "Law" of the NAA are formed as highly qualified specialists in their chosen areas.

050206 - Students specializing in Law are provided the knowledge stated below

The specialty of Law
  • students will receive modern knowledge in the theory of state and law, Roman law, constitutional law, criminal, civil, administrative, criminal procedure, civil procedure, financial, tax, medical, family, customs, transport, international law, judicial law, defence, penal enforcement law, criminology, criminal science, air law, private international law, and other disciplines.

The education program of the specialty Law – 050206, covers the requirements for specialists in the field of law. The program was developed considering the existing and new areas of law, national legislation, international legal and regulatory instruments, sectoral legislation; requirements for specialists in law enforcement agencies, state and government agencies, the judicial system, advocacy and other areas.

At the same time, the 050206 – Law education program was developed in accordance with the national and international law, current and new legal literature, local and foreign experience.

The normative period of study at the National Aviation Academy in the specialty of Law – 050206 is 4 years at the bachelor's degree.

Specialty Education Program and Curriculum

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*The rules of admission to the Bachelor's level can be found here.