Logistics and Transport Technologies

The specialty of 050621 – Logistics and Transport Technologies involves training of specialists in logistics and transport management based on modern principles and logistics technologies.

Students specializing in Logistics and Transport Technologies, thanks to the obtained knowledge, skills and abilities apply modern logistics and transport technologies, resolve administrative, technical, technological, theoretical and practical issues when organizing them; produce a feasibility study, apply computer science in this area, as well as gain practical skills related to various jobs in the functional areas of logistics (planning, creation and storage of the necessary material resources, modal choice, vehicles, plan and control the delivery of passengers and goods, determine the location for the warehouse, manage warehouse processing, packaging, supply chain management, etc.). They are formed as highly qualified specialists, in accordance with the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

050621 - Students specializing in Logistics and Transport Technology are provided the knowledge stated below:

In the field of Logistics and Transport technologies
  • transport and logistics legislation and the basics of the regulatory framework
  • transportation of dangerous goods by air
  • processes related to the management of transport and logistics
  • air cargo marketing
  • logistics modeling and projecting the movement of vehicles
  • the basics of multimodal transport by means of several types of transport
  • multimodal and intermodal transport
  • transport facilities and service infrastructure
  • the basics of management in transport and logistics
  • technical and commercial operation of vehicles
  • modern information technologies in transport
  • load management and aircraft CG
  • transport security, and other subjects

Students, specializing in Logistics and Transport Technologies will learn to resolve workplace, technical, technological, theoretical and practical challenges, keep feasibility studies, experimental analyses, establish interactions between modes of transport, receive, analyze and process information from various sources of their career, comply with all requirements for traffic safety, technical operation rules, traffic and work arrangement, environmental safety and arrangement of production activity, be able to apply computer science, technology and programming in logistics.

Students specializing in Logistics and Transport Technologies, according to their specialty will receive the necessary knowledge and skills (competence), learn to work under stress, acquire high communication skills, an ability to work in a team, be patient, efficient and active, an ability to adapt to new international standards, the knowledge of foreign languages (especially English), an ability to work with current computer programs in logistics and transport, to better identify problems related to their field, accuracy, responsibility, analytical and strategic thinking skills, organizational skills, an ability to follow instructions with accuracy, leadership, etc.

Graduates, who have successfully completed the curriculum, thanks to the acquired professional competencies will be able to work in all sectors of the economy (especially in the airline industry), as a project designer in logistics and transport technologies, manufacturing and organizational and administrative activities, international and local airports, ground handling companies, warehouses and terminal buildings, airlines, companies engaged in logistics and forwarding activities, as well as at various transport companies (road, rail, sea), a logistics specialists at any enterprise and organizations which have a transportation fleet, as an engineer in transport logistics or logistics engineer, a shipping agent, a warehouse logistics specialist, in profession and position of a transport service specialist. After a period of time, having gained some experience they can advance to the position of a logistics manager, a head of a freight forwarding or logistics department.

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