The specialty of Management – 050408 at the National Aviation Academy of the Closed Joint Stock Company of "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" provides for the training of specialists in management and commercial operation of modern transport systems.

The Bachelor degree of this specialty is held in 3 areas - civil aviation (air transport), ground transport and railway transport.

The curriculum of the specialty of Management – 050408 was developed on the basis of the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The normative term of study at the National Aviation Academy in the specialty of Management – 050408 is 4 il years for Bachelor degree students of the Azerbaijani and Russian departments.

The curriculum of the Management – 050408 specialty is designed to provide students with excellent fundamental knowledge in management and transport management, as well as professional English.

050408 - Students specializing in Management are provided the knowledge stated below:

  • The subject of Aviation Management covers the organizational structure of management of civil aviation enterprises, communications in airline management, informational support of management, planning of the economic development of airlines, motivation in the management system, control over airline management, risk management in airlines, characteristics of production processes and their management, management efficiency factors.

  • The main goal of teaching of the subject of Innovative Management is the mastering of knowledge by students about the ways of application and management of innovation, documenting of an innovative idea, specific characteristics of innovation, rules for the formation of innovative organizations, the verture innovation, organization of innovative business, licensing.

  • The subject of Air Travel Marketing covers knowledge about the marketing environment, marketing research and market segmentation, marketing strategies of airlines, airline products, determining the cost price and operating costs of air transportation, tariff policy of airlines, revenues, indicators of economic efficiency of activities, product promotion in the market, sales system of air transportation, sales promotion.

  • Within the framework of the subject of Human Resource Management they teach the concept of human resource management and categories of personnel, human resources of labor activity, main methods of human resource management, strategic personnel management at civil aviation enterprises, management methods in airlines, conflict management, personnel motivation, personnel labor organization, development of human resources at the enterprise, business career management.

  • The main goal of teaching Air Traffic Management is to provide students with broad knowledge about the place and role of civil aviation in the economy of Azerbaijan, the current state of air transport, the prospects for the development of civil aviation in Azerbaijan, flight safety issues, the functions of airlines and airports, international organizations of world air transport, international economic relations in civil aviation, peculiarities of management of civil aviation enterprises.

The main focus of education is laid on strengthening practical skills in response to changing labor market needs.

To teach classes in the subjects provided for by the curriculum of the specialty of Management – 050408, there is modern logistics for making experiments, classrooms and laboratories are equipped with appropriate ICT for research work. Students have access to the local network of the university, the Internet, databases, electronic libraries, and search engines.

Specialists from transport organizations and enterprises and/or other state and commercial organizations are also involved in the training.

Experience is important in terms of applying the student's theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as strengthening professional skills. Work experience at the National Aviation Academy, structural divisions of "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" CJSC and Silk Way Holding, airlines, airports, a number of ministries and various departments, transport companies, public and private enterprises, research laboratories, local or international private organizations and companies.

Students with high academic performance have opportunity to obtain IATA certificates during their studies attending international level courses on Transportation Management at the IATA Institute of the National Aviation Academy.

Bachelor degree students specializing in Management – 050408, thanks to the received knowledge, skills and abilities, are able to effectively manage enterprises and organizations, create a general structure of enterprises of public and private sectors, principles and methods of management, risk assessment, methods of correct benefit of human resources; are formed as highly qualified specialists capable of analyzing shortcomings and showing specific ways to solve them.

The curriculum provides an opportunity for career growth in air transport enterprises, in airline and airport management. At the same time, Bachelor degree students can work in Government structures conformimg to the specialty of Management – 050408, their qualification level, in commercial organizations, companies, enterprises, associations, small businesses and other business structures, public organizations, specialized departments of educational institutions and professional structures operating in production and non-production areas, regardless of the form of ownership and subordination. At the end of the learning process, the student should be able to work independently in any direction and be able to continue education throughout his life.

Bachelor degree graduates can continue their studies at the Master's degree in Management.

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*The rules of admission to the Bachelor's level can be found here.