Process Automation Engineering

The specialty of Process Automation Engineering – 050634 involves a high degree of automation of modern production and technological processes, training of specialists on projecting, manufacture and maintenance of technical means, systems and devices used during automation process.

Students specializing in process automation, thanks to the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired, are formed as qualified specialists who are able to use modern computer and information technologies, software, required in the design and operation of automation systems and devices in civil aviation, railway transport, shipping, road transport and other areas.

050634 - Students specializing in Process Automation Engineering are provided the knowledge stated below

In the field of Process Automation
  • fundamental knowledge in advanced mathematics and physics
  • computer technology and programming
  • engineering and computer graphics
  • the theory of electrical circuits, mechanical engineering
  • analog electronics, digital electronics
  • basics of measuring technology
  • signals and systems
  • the theory of automatic control
  • microprocessors and programmable integrated circuits, programmable logic controllers
  • industrial automation, digital control, contact devices for controlling objects
  • automatic communication on transport, station systems of automation and telemechanics
  • analysis and identification of processes
  • measurements in automation and telemechanics devices
  • satellite and mobile communication systems
  • information devices at stations, automation
  • telemechanics and power supply of communication devices, and other disciplines

Graduates, who have successfully completed the curriculum, owing to the acquired professional competencies will use modern computer and information technologies in the design and operation of systems and automation of devices in aviation, railways, shipping, road transport and in all industries, apply necessary software in the required industries, diagnose systems and automation devices, detect and troubleshoot the malfunctions that have emerged, effectively use the databases of leading companies and enterprises manufacturing automation equipment and devices, the design of necessary systems thereupon, control of technological processes in sectoral enterprises.

Graduates, who have successfully completed this specialty of a broad engineering profile will be able to work in high positions and professions as design engineers, electronic engineers and software engineers in aviation, railways, shipping, road transport and in various industries, including productive sectors of general-and special-purpose, enterprises and companies involved in the operation of devices and complex electronic control systems.

*The rules of admission to the Bachelor's level can be found here.