Transport Service

The specialty of Transport service (by mode of transport) – 050806, involves training of specialists for service in various modes of transport. Bachelor degree in this specialty is carried out in road, rail, sea and river; air transport.

Students of the specialty of Transport service (by type of transport), thanks to the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired, are formed as highly qualified specialists in ensuring conditions for optimal infrastructure, providing information systems and technologies in service sector, providing transport to carry tourists, legal relations in transport, certification and quality control systems, principles for the selection of transport, in accordance with the transportation process optimization of service in market conditions and the development of technical and regulatory documents.

050806 - Nəqliyyatda servis (Hava nəqliyyatı üzrə) ixtisası üzrə tələbələrə aşağıdakı biliklər verilir

In the field of Transport Service (by type of transport)
  • transport
  • service
  • logistics
  • geography of transport
  • services on airport ramp
  • transport ecology
  • vehicle design
  • ground handling operations
  • consumer behavior, ground handling of passengers, transport services in tourism
  • the basics of customs
  • the basics of management
  • airport operations
  • the basics of airline business
  • tariffs for passenger air travel and cargo transportation
  • aircraft CG
  • multimodal transport
  • the basics of service in transport, transport logistics, air transport service organization
  • transport insurance
  • forwarding organization, safety, airport management
  • international air transport regulation system
  • service and tourism distribution system, and other subjects, in accordance with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other international organizations

The above-mentioned specialized programs have been adapted to the IATA curriculum. The subjects are taught by highly qualified and internationally certified specialists. Students with high academic performance have the opportunity to receive a certificate and take specialized international courses at IATA Institute at the National Aviation Academy.

Graduates, who have successfully completed the curriculum, due to their professional competencies acquired, will be engaged in projecting, manufacturing, institutional and managerial professional work in all sectors of economy, particularly in transport.

Graduates, who have successfully completed this promising profile specialty, along with civil aviation and ground handling companies will be able to work in various areas as a loan officer at enterprises and companies offering freight forwarding, logistics, insurance and travel services, as a tourism and sales specialist, as a service specialist, a supervisor, a passenger service agent, a ramp dispatcher, an aircraft agent, a quality control specialist, a warehouse dispatcher. Having gained some experience, they will be able to work in high positions in the future as service managers or sales managers.

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*The rules of admission to the Bachelor's level can be found here.