3350.01 - Transportation process management

Formula of the Specialty

"Transportation process management" - the subject of the specialty: the study of compliance in legislative processes and energy-logistics systems, management and organization of transportation processes, management of technical and technological processes and the development of new ones.

The object of the specialty

Object of specialization: transport and logistics system, structure and enterprises of this system, transport and information flows, logistics management systems in transport, various devices to ensure transportation safety.

Areas of Research

  1. Planning, organization and management of traffic flows
  2. Technology of transport processes
  3. Development of transport and logistics systems, their structure and enterprises
  4. Interaction between different modes of transport (multimodal and intermodal transportation), interstate cooperation in the organization of transportation
  5. Freight forwarding, logistics and service
  6. Systems and methods for ensuring road safety
  7. Necessary systems for managing transport processes, methods for their construction and testing
  8. Technical means, control and monitoring systems of transport technological processes, their standardization and certification

Related Professions

3327.01 - Technology of transport systems

3352.01 – Operation of air transport

Branch of Sciences

Technical science

*The rules of admission to the specialty of Doctoral studies can be found here.