Hydrometeorology – 050507 specializes in interaction, analysis, forecasting of physical processes in the atmosphere, meteorological and hydrological factors, hydro-meteorological regimes, the interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere and climatic features, practicing of various aspects of climatology, the study of factors affecting climate change. Aviation meteorology, being one of the main areas of application of hydrometeorology provides theoretical and practical training for specialists who collect meteorological elements and events, the influence of the physical properties of the atmosphere on flight and the operation of aircraft, hazardous hydro meteorological phenomena and their forecasting.

Due to the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during training, students specializing in hydrometeorology are formed as highly qualified specialists in observation of meteorological elements and atmospheric phenomena at aerodromes and hydro-meteorological stations of various directions, processing of data observation, archiving using computer programs, preparation of climatic data research based on modern archival meteorological data, analysis of temporal and spatial variability of meteorological parameters, the impact of meteorological elements and events on aeronautical equipment and flights, the negative impact of hazardous hydro-meteorological phenomena on air transport, including various sectors of the economy, modern units of meteorological elements and events, the ability to independently analyze forecast and verification of aviation weather forecasts by synoptic and statistical methods.

The curriculum of the specialty of Hydrometeorology – 050507 fully complies with the requirements of modern specialties necessary for training of specialists in meteorology and climatology. The curriculum is based on the requirements of meteorology and climatology of industrial, leading scientific and educational centers dealing with aviation meteorology.

Meanwhile, curriculum of the specialty of Hydrometeorology – 050507 was developed, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Azerbaijan Aviation Regulations for Meteorological Support (AARMS) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The normative period of study in the specialty of Hydrometeorology – 050507 at the National Aviation Academy of the Closed Joint Stock Company "Azerbaijan Airlines" is 4 years for students of Bachelor degree teaching in the Azerbaijani language.

According to the curriculum of the specialty of Hydrometeorology – 050507, along with the outstanding fundamental, theoretical, practical innovative technological knowledge, students at the National Aviation Academy will receive professional English and Russian language skills.

050507 - Students specializing in Hydrometeorology are provided the knowledge stated below

In the field of Aviation Meteorology
  • fundamental knowledge in advanced mathematics and physics
  • synoptic meteorology
  • the basics of economic hydro-meteorology
  • physical meteorology
  • hydrology, the basics of climatology
  • hazardous hydro-meteorological phenomena
  • aviation meteorology, meteorological support for helicopter flights
  • aviation weather forecast, short-term weather forecasts
  • meteorological conditions of flights at the upper flight level
  • applied hydro-meteorology
  • satellite and radar hydro-meteorology, and other disciplines
In the field of Climatology
  • fundamental knowledge in advanced mathematics and physics
  • synoptic meteorology
  • the basics of economic hydro-meteorology, physical meteorology
  • hydrology, the basics of climatology
  • hazardous hydro-meteorological phenomena
  • satellite and radar hydro-meteorology
  • statistical processing of climate data, fluctuations and climate change
  • global climate, mathematical modeling of weather forecasting
  • bioclimatology, microclimatology
  • geographic and altitude features of climate, and other disciplines

Thanks to the professional competencies acquired by the graduates who have successfully completed the curriculum, the Aviation Meteorological Center of the Azeraeronavigation Air Traffic Control Department and the meteorological support departments have been provided with the most modern industrial conditions for their further development as a highly qualified staff. The experience of the leading specialists of the Aviation Meteorological Center is widely used to provide students with knowledge in their specialty. During the internship in the departments of Aviation Meteorological Support, students will learn to analyze aerosynoptic maps, correctly assess meteorological conditions en-routes, prepare flight documents, instruct flight crews with necessary meteorological information during pre-flight briefings, make aviation weather forecasts, meteorological verification, satellite and meteorological radar observation, their data analysis, image reading, the appplication of modern automatic meteorological observation systems, and a lof of other similar knowledge very important for students in terms of gaining necessary working skills in the future.

Graduates, who have successfully completed this broad specialty will have an opportunity to work at the stations of the Aviation Meteorological Center of "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" Closed Joint Stock Company, various specialized departments and hydro-meteorological stations of the National Hydrometeorological Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic, State Agency for Water Resources, State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, "Azersu" Open Joint Stock Company, Azerbaijan Melioration and Water Farm Open Joint Stock Company, at all military airfields of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan and a number of other enterprises and organizations.


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*The rules of admission to the Bachelor's level can be found here.